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everything you ever wanted to know about popchips (but had your mouth too full to ask).

we're never too busy snacking to answer your questions. if you don't find the answers to your pressing snack questions here, feel free to drop us a line at if we're in the middle of snacking, which is quite likely, we'll get back to you as quickly as our one-handed typing will allow.

how do you pop a chip?

popping is how we turn our naturally delicious ingredients into our tastier and surprisingly healthier popped potato, tortilla and popped corn chips. we start with the finest ingredients, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. in fact, popping our potato, tortilla and popped corn popchips is almost as much fun as eating them. (we said almost.)

don't chips need a lot of fat to taste really good?

you’d think. but we’re able to pop up the flavor without any oil in the popping process. to help popchips hold onto their seasoning, we use only non-gmo safflower or sunflower oil (two oils for which gmo doesn’t exist), and/or non-gmo canola oil. so popchips have all the flavor, and half the fat of fried potato chips or regular flavored tortilla chips. which means you won’t have to wipe your greasy chip hand on your jeans.

what kind of oil do you use?

well, we don’t use any oil in the popping process. we only use a bit of non-hydrogenated, non-gmo sunflower, safflower and/or canola oil to help popchips hold onto their seasoning. also, popchips uses expeller-pressed canola oil. this is a physical process that does not use chemical extraction agents, such as hexane. as a result, popchips have less oil than regular fried potato chips and are light and airy, so snackers get a lot more delicious chips per serving.

do popchips have any trans fat?

nope. there are 0 grams of trans fat in popchips.

do popchips have any saturated fat?

there are 0 grams of saturated fat in all of our flavors, other than our sour cream & onion, parmesan garlic and cheddar potato popchips, and our ranch and nacho cheese tortilla popchips, which have only .5 grams.

do popchips have msg or other flavor enhancers?

no. we do not use any msg in popchips. we only use naturally delicious flavors.

what's naturally delicious?

for us, it's simple: no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives and no fluorescent orange fingertips. no, really. we take the finest naturally delicious ingredients and leave out all the bad stuff, like hydrogenated oils and msg, that give snacking a bad name.

do you use any preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or ingredients?

nope. popchips have no preservatives, no fake flavors and no fake colors.

so how long do popchips stay fresh?

because popchips are naturally delicious, they'll stay fresh in an unopened bag for more than 12 months. to anyone that has the self-restraint to let popchips sit in their cupboard that long to prove it, we commend you. remember though, they have no preservatives, so get a good chip clip after opening the bag. or better yet, just eat them all at once.

why'd you make the bag so hard to open?

we know that feeling of wanting to tear into your snack. far be it from us to get between you and your popchips, but in fact, we made it that way on purpose. our special bags are air-tight. it's how we make sure our naturally delicious popchips stay fresh and crispy. we've had a lot of practice tearing open our bags, so here are some chip tips:

• at the top of the bag, pinch the front and back right in the middle. give both sides a good yank, and you're in.

• or, try grabbing the seam on the back at the top with one hand and pulling on the front with the other.

we promise it'll be worth the little extra effort.

do popchips have soy in them?

nope, there is no soy in popchips.

are popchips kosher?

yes, all popchips are kosher certified by kof-k kosher supervision. our barbeque, sour cream & onion, parmesan garlic and cheddar potato popchips, and our ranch and nacho cheese tortilla popchips are kosher designated “dairy.” all other flavors are non-dairy and kosher designated “parve.”

are popchips gluten-free?

yes. we’re happy to say that popchips have been officially certified by the gluten-free certification organization (; a program of the gluten intolerance group®, also known as gig®.

what about allergens like nuts or dairy?

none of our chips contain nuts. our barbeque, sour cream & onion, parmesan garlic, cheddar potato popchips, and our ranch and nacho cheese tortilla popchips contain dairy. these allergens are marked on the ingredient section of each bag, another reason to read that label.

do popchips have soy lecithin?

we're happy to say that there’s no soy lecithin in any flavor of popchips.

how much sodium is in popchips?

depending on the flavor, a 1 oz serving of every popchips flavor contains between 115 mg and 220 mg.
*our single serve packs of tortilla popchips are 1 oz servings

how much potassium is in popchips?

for our snackers who like to get their "(k) for the day" (k = potassium!), 1 oz (28 g) serving of popchips contains between 50 mg and 270 mg of potassium, depending on the flavor. here are the exact amounts for each flavor.
*our single serve packs of tortilla popchips are 1 oz servings

are popchips non-gmo?

we use only non-gmo potatoes in our popped potato chips, and non-gmo corn in our popped tortilla chips and popped corn chips. to help popchips hold onto their seasoning, we use only non-gmo safflower or sunflower oils (two oils for which gmo doesn’t exist), and when used, only non-gmo canola oil. we are in the process of enrolling in the non-gmo project in order to try to obtain non-gmo project verification for some of our products. this project is a significant undertaking and does take time, and we will keep you updated on our progress with the process to let you know as specific products are verified. until then, we can confirm our primary ingredients, potatoes, corn and safflower and sunflower oils (two oils for which gmo doesn’t exist)and canola oil are non-gmo. for more information on non-gmo project verification, check out

are popchips vegan?

our original, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, jalapeño, chili lime, sweet potato, and thai sweet chili potato popchips and our salsa and chili limón tortilla popchips are vegan. and all the rest of our popped potato and tortilla chips are vegetarian.

do you have an organic line?

not right now, but give us a while. in the meantime, you can enjoy popchips knowing that they're naturally delicious.

what is acrylamide?

acrylamide is a naturally-occurring chemical that can form in some foods, including those made with potatoes, during some types of high temperature cooking. if you want to learn more, the u.s. food & drug administration has more info here.

are popchips’ bags recyclable?

not yet, but we’re working on it. because popchips are naturally delicious and have no preservatives, we insist on having the best packaging that keeps heat, light and air out, and our fresh flavor in. but we’re very concerned about our carbon footprint, which is why we recycle materials wherever possible. and we support great environmental causes like the coastal commission, to make sure we’re doing our share. in the meantime, we raise our hand out of the chip bag and promise that we’re working harder than ever to find a recyclable, compostable and biodegradable bag that’s both affordable and meets our high demands for the freshest, most flavorful chips.

quit holding back. where can i get some?

our potato and tortilla popchips are available at leading retailers throughout north america, including whole foods, safeway, target, wegman's kroger, duane reade, raley's and select costco locations. you can find retailers that are convenient for you through our store locator. and if you don't want to get up from your chair, you can always order all of our delicious flavors from our online store at:

i’ve only seen a few flavors on the shelf. what’s up with that?

while popchips are available in a variety of taste-bud popping flavors, not every retailer carries them all. if you want more flavors, you might practice some snacktivism and pop into your local retailer to ask them to carry your favorites. or you can you can order at our online store at

who makes popchips and where are they popped?

we do! popchips is a naturally delicious brand of popped snacks from popchips, inc., which was founded in 2007. most of our chips are popped at our main popping facility in southern california.

i have a store. how do i get popchips on my shelf?

by all means, get in touch with our sales team at let’s get popping!

i'm a snack fanatic. what do i do now?

tell us your story, share your favorite flavor, get our newsletter,“snack on this”, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and spread the snack love. or just shoot us a note and say hi. we'd love to hear from you at